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      Performance Socks

      Performance Socks

      Gococo is a sock brand from Scandinavia that focus on functionality.

      Do you know our feet are among some of the sweatiest parts of our bodies?

      Sweat creates friction, which in turn creates heat, chafing and if you´re unlucky - those pesky blisters.

      For that reason, active people should always invest in socks with great function. This ensures the most comfortable experience during your activities. But what exactly does “functional clothing” mean? Simply put, it means the ability to manage sweat and moisture, by either releasing it or absorbing it as needed.

      Since there is an abundance of sport-sock makers out there, promising things like "sweat management", "moisture control", “quick-drying socks”, we get that it's not always easy to make the right choice.

      Gococo can say with confidence that not only are they the experts when it comes to functional garments – Gococo socks offer amazing function too.

      Gococo have chosen to use the functional material 37.5® Technology with all their socks. This is an extremely quick-drying material that is clever enough to absorb and release moisture using only body heat - offering a whole new level of functionality. The 37.5® Technology material is then mixed with other materials, such as wool or polyamide, to provide you with the very best sock - and a superior sock experience.

      37.5® Technology is a unique material that makes the impossible possible – it minimize the risk for cold sweaty feet, blisters and chafing. The material dries up to five times quicker than other similar material and has also a natural odor management feature which takes care of your smelly feet. So no more embarrassing moments! Gococo is proud that the material has an entirely green technology without chemical treatments and is kind to both body and nature. As you can hear the 37.5 Technology material is a real high tech material that will help you to perform at the very top. 

      Other Brands that uses 37.5 Material Technology: Adidas, Salomon, Bontrager

      Understand more on 37.5 Technology with this video:

      Gococo socks are produced under conditions that the founders are proud of. Their products are manufactured in factories where they can control the workers conditions. Gococo's founders often visit the factories and communicate with them daily. At the moment they produce their socks in Eastern Europe and the rest of the garments in the Sri Lankan capital city Colombo.

      Reviews from people who tried Gococo socks:

      "The socks are lightweight and remain dry even after workout. And it doesn't leave any musty smell even after a few days. Totally valued for money."

      "Socks are awesome. Was running on the trails over the weekend and it was muddy due to the weather. Stepped into a couple of mud pools but it dries up so fast you won't even feel that mushy feeling in your feet."

      With Gococo on your feet you can simply say goodbye to more blisters and chafing when you are active!

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