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Vittoria Cycling Shoes

Vittoria Cycling Shoes

100% Italian Hand-made Cycling Shoes, build for Maximum Performance, Comfort & Pure Joy for Riding

When most cyclists hear or see the word “Vittoria”, they closely associate it with premium bike tyres.


Here’s something shocking...


Vittoria cycling shoes and Vittoria tyres are not the same.

They’re two totally separate italian cycling companies that happen to share the same name, one makes shoes, one makes tyres. 

Vittoria Cycling Shoes started in 1976 in a small Italian village by former professional racing cyclist Celestino Vercelli, who rode for the Italian national team. 


The interesting thing is Vercelli also came from a family of master shoemakers starting from the late 19th century. 

If you are not familiar, shoemaking is an Italian specialty. There is a rich history of authentic craftsmanship and skills handed down from generations to generations. 

And it gets even better from here.

The Vittoria factory remains family-run till today, the whole production process for every Vittoria cycling shoe is still done in their 1000 square meter facility in Vigliano Biellese, Italy, made meticulously by hand. 

Yes, 100% Italian hand-made. 


When you hold a Vittoria shoe in your hands, you see the visual allure and feel the indisputable quality of the hand-made shoe. Perhaps it’s the human connection, but there are some things a machine just can’t replicate. Vittoria is one of those companies which prides itself on the hand-made philosophy.


With their traditional Italian craftsmanship, and their continuous research and innovation of cutting-edge materials, technology and design, the result is premium cycling shoes which gives you maximum comfort and performance levels for riding.

National Pro-cyclist + Over half a century worth of Italian shoemaking expertise + Continuous research & innovation = Artisan, ergonomic shoes made for cycling performance


When you get a pair of cycling shoes from Vittoria, they are shoemakers whose business is mainly focused on cycling shoes. Not bikes, tires, bags and so on.

In fact when you purchase Vittoria cycling shoes, you don’t just buy a pair of shoes.


You’re getting hundreds of hours of tests, failures, and also moments of pure joy for a successful product.



Over the last four decades, Vittoria has made lots of great cycling shoes 

The Velar represents the pinnacle of all these great cycling shoes, brought up to date by the latest in design and innovation, while still maintaining a sense of old-world artistry.

The Vittoria Velar provides a level of durability and power transfer that place them among the very best cycling shoes you’ve ever ridden in - without giving up anything in fit and comfort, even on the longest ride and under the harshest of riding conditions.

Is Velar the “Next Generation” cycling shoe?

We’d like to think that, but that’s really for you to decide when you get your hands on this magnificent pair of shoes.


The Velar comes in 4 beautiful colors - Black, Red, Blue and White. For more details on Velar’s features, click the individual product below.