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Tight IT bands, runners’ knees, ACL injuries, shin-splints, lower back pain,

If you have experienced any of these common triathlete issues, then you know they are not only painful, they are frustrating too, because they can hamper your performance and training plans.

One of Rydehm’s co-founder experienced some of these issues even before he started triathlon, and going for pilates helped him tremendously in staying injury-free and improve his timings.

So we had a great conversation with Stef from SP Pilates, to discuss about how pilates can help triathletes in their sport.

In this short 11 minute video, we talk about:


  • The various benefits triathletes can gain from doing pilates – silent improvements that can make a difference in performance
  • The one thing triathletes & cyclists need to maintain in long distance cycling to avoid lower back injuries
  • At which phase of training can a triathlete incorporate pilates into their regime
  • What you need to be careful about if you are learning pilates from Youtube / Social media, and why there is a difference learning from a certified instructor (ignoring this might set you back in your training)


If you are interested in improving your triathlon performance…

If you are concerned about getting injuries from over-training…

If you are experiencing some injuries and want to look for solutions to prevent them for aggravating…

This short video will definitely provide you with some good ideas!