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Overcoming near-impossible adversities to becoming Singapore's top Ironman athlete


We recently had a great conversation with Ling Er just before the end of 2020.


If you are not familiar with Ling Er...


She's Singapore's top Ironman athlete, the first Singaporean Female to qualify for Ironman Kona World Championship 6 times(!), and also a three-time winner of the 70.3 Asia Pacific AG Woman's championship.


She has been featured on many online and physical publications, like Straits Times, Channel News Asia, Second Wind Nation, Redbull, Herworld, Singapore Women's Hall of Fame, and many more.


In addition, she is a long-time ambassador of Smile Asia, promoting their work, representing them in her competitions, and advocated various fundraising events for Smile Asia, a global alliance of charities working together to treat children with facial deformities.


Ling Er has an amazing story that inspires people.


In 2009, she had a near-fatal accident with a car while riding, resulting in a pair of broken legs and a blood clot in her brain.


The doctors' diagnosis was that she will never regain her full movement of walking, and all hopes of doing sports was impossible. 


But she was able to overcome all the odds stacked against her, recovered to participate in 2010 Ironman 70.3 Phillipines. 


More incredibly, in 2011, Ling Er won Ironman Korea to qualify for the prestigious Ironman Kona World Champions.




The conversation with Ling Er was great. We covered on a variety of topics on motivation, overcoming setbacks, training strategy, and going for your goals.


It was nothing short of inspiring, and we thought her sharing contains many lessons for people who wants to improve their sport, or even take it to the next level. 


Here's a brief glance at the conversation highlights along with timestamp...


3:40: Being fulltime in one of the toughest multi-sport for the last 6 years, how does she sustain her motivation all these years? What does she say to herself?


5:25: You wouldn't believe the series of narrow misses and utter heartbreaks she went through in her races during a 3 year period. And how she handled them shows the mettle of a true champion.


7:30: Learn about Ling Er's secret to balancing her training to perform in the 3 intense disciplines of swimming, cycling and running.


10:40: If you are considering finding a coach for your sport, hear Ling Er's thoughts on picking the right coach for you. 


14:05: With her intensive training schedule, how does she recover her body so effectively to prevent fatigue and injury? Learn about the methods she used to keep herself in the best condition.


14:55: Does Ling Er have a special diet? She's a vegetarian, but we also discovered that she has a very unique philosophy on her diet which can help anyone who have trouble resisting their favorite unhealthy foods. 


16:25: We all have days where we feel lazy about training. What about Ling Er?


18:35: Race nutrition plays a very important factor in your performance, especially on race day. Ling Er shares her approach of finding the perfect nutrition strategy for you, where you know precisely how your body will feel at every stage of the race. 


20:05: If you have a goal of becoming a full-time triathlete or sports person, but have fears and concerns, Ling Er has a very simple and yet effective advice that has helped her tremendously in her journey. 


We're sure you will love this interview, so even if you have just a few minutes, be sure to check it out!