Monaco - Gloss Black Frame / Dark Carbon (Polarized Lens)

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ROKA Monaco

Built for the woman who doesn’t want to sacrifice style or performance, the Monaco offers complete coverage and protection for your eyes. They’re incredibly lightweight (less than ounce!), won’t give you a headache, won’t leave marks on your nose and won’t slip or fall off your face.


  • At just 25 grams, the Monaco's nylon frames are remarkably lightweight and incredibly durable.
  • Premium C3 Lenses fitted with super-hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings for anti-spotting, fingerprint resistance, and easy cleaning
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch for unimpeded vision
  • Patented GEKO Pads on the nose and temples provide optimal traction and comfort. No matter how sweaty you get, and which way you move, bounce, or shake — you’ll never have to worry about slippery frames falling off your face.



Dark Carbon (Polarized Lens)

Category 3
Transmission 15%
Great for everyday use in very bright and sunny conditions for neutral color vision and enhanced comfortability due to elimination of high glare. Also suggested in deep water environments where a reduction in reflected blue light is necessary for comfort.


Your view without / with wearing the Monaco - Gloss Black Frame / Dark Carbon (Polarized Lens)




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