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Roka R1  - Open Water Swimming Goggles

Designed to excel in open water, the R1's patented forward-looking lens angle gives you unparalleled visibility in the direction you're swimming. Stay on course with less effort, whether you are following feet or sighting at the front of the pack. 


Lens Technology

  • RAPIDSIGHT™ Technology (faster target acquisition with less effort)
  • Razor Sharp optics
  • Optical-grade hard coating for durability
  • Anti-fog & hydrophobic coatings


R1 Tech Specs

  • Lens - Patented, medium-sized 48mm (W) x 33mm (H) lens with 11 degree retroscopic tilt on front face, beveled peripheral face, and premium-grade polycarbonate lens
  • Storage - Comes with premium microfiber bag
  • Protection - Blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC & harmful blue light up to 380nm while reducing glare and protecting the eyes
  • Coatings - Superior hard coat on exterior face for anti-scratch and extended durability; Hydrophobic coating to reduce surface tension for hydrodynamics; anti-fog coating
  • Strap - Flat silicone head strap with locking adjustment clip
  • Frame - Unibody semi-rigid nosebridge
  • Gaskets - Soft, protective & hypo-allergenic TPR gaskets; no latex, no PVC


Light Amber

Great for low light / mist / fog / haze; enhances orange and red buoys