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The all-new Men’s Maverick X is the fastest men’s wetsuit ever built. Marrying a redesigned supportive core with its hallmark shoulder flexibility, the X improves power transfer from hips to shoulders and streamlines your body from head to toe in a way no swimming wetsuit ever has – all while letting you swim freely and naturally thanks to Revolution X ARMS-UP™ construction and RSX™ centerline buoyancy. If you’re on a mission to FIND FASTER, this is your suit.

Arms-Up Construction
By patterning the wetsuit with the arms above the head rather than at the side, mobility is increased through every phase of your stroke. Our patented design eliminates shoulder restriction to help you swim faster with less fatigue. The difference is striking.

IXI Taping & Tricot Liner
Like a stiff bike delivers more of your precious watts to the pavement, the Maverick X delivers more of your effort into moving you through the water. Our all-new tricot liner and patented IXI Taping help connect the movements of your upper and lower body, improving power transfer, discouraging fishtailing, especially as your core muscles fatigue deep into a long swim. This cutting-edge feature is only found on the Maverick X.

RSX Centerline Buoyancy
The patented technology that first catapulted ROKA wetsuits ahead of the field: more buoyancy down the centerline of your body; less buoyancy on the perimeter. It allows you to have a snappier side-to-side rotation and eliminates dead spots in the freestyle. The RSX construction in the Maverick X gives the smoothest, most natural rotation of any Maverick wetsuit.

Graduated Buoyancy Profile
By removing excess buoyancy from the chest (you have lungs for that) and adding it precisely where you need it (lower body), the suit moves your center of buoyancy lower, preventing sinky legs and putting you in a perfect horizontal swimming position.

Liner Materials
All of our wetsuits are designed from the inside out. It's an often-overlooked fact that the textile liners on the inside of the a wetsuit have more restrictive stretch profiles than neoprene, and therefore have a greater impact on the flexibility of the suit than the rubber itself. Our suits are built with premium liners that are optimized for mechanics, stretch, support, comfort and low absorption.

Independent Neck Suspension
Our neck panel eliminates seams, which help the neckline of the suit move with you to improve comfort and reduce chafing.

SCS Nano Coating
SCS (Super Composite Skin) Hydrophobic Nano Coating reduces surface drag for more speed, and also improves durability.

Neoprene Composition
We use only the very best neoprene in the world from the Yamamoto Corporation, located in Japan. Yamamoto neoprene is limestone-based and has different cell structure than the more commonly used petroleum-based neoprenes. It is stretchier, returns to form better, and offers an excellent insulation-to-weight ratio. Yamamoto makes variable performance neoprene grades, and we strategically use several different ones (for difference reasons) in varying thicknesses in our suits. The result is optimized speed, core-temperature control and comfort.

Stretch Woven Forearm Panel
The Maverick X utilizes a premium stretch-woven textile from Italy developed for the super-suit era in swimming. The woven textile provides more strength and natural compression than a traditional knit fabric, resulting in greater durability and speed. The purpose of the textile forearm is to maximize proprioception - or feel - in the water. Swimming fast is all about feel for the water. Experienced swimmers find the strategically placed textile provides a better "feel" for the water than plain or coated neoprene.

Quick Release Ankle Panels
The rear ankle panels of our suits use a 2mm panel at the base of the leg to help you kick your heel our of the suit in T1. You might not notice a difference in a changing room with a dry suit, but when you are at speed in T1, your suit will fly off with the right technique and practise. Our ankle panels are heat-taped for extra durability and to allow you to cleanly shorten the leg, if customization is needed.

 * Sizing Chart can be found in the image section


  • Neoprene wetsuits will be slightly looser in the water. Even if your suit feels tight on land, it may feel right in the water.
  • Neoprene can stretch a little bit more when warmed up.
  • If you fit more than one size, sizing down will give you a tight fit and you should expect to take 10-12 minutes to put the suit on properly.
  • The suit should feel tight, but if it constricts your breathing or restricts shoulder movement in the water, then you need to size up.
  • Expect to have someone help you zip the suit up. Needing help with the zipper is a sign of a performance fit.
  • Use the pads of your fingers to avoid fingernail tears.